About Us Me

Hey there fella. Can’t believe you are here. There is nothing much I have to tell about me. I’m just a poor developer. Not the poverty poor but actually the worst developer you’ll ever see. YEAH!

Still there? You are crazy!

After making worst of back-end, I’ve started ruining myself in front-end technologies. LOL. And yeah, One thing I am good in, “Nothing”. hahaahahahha just kidding.

By the way, on serious note, if you are looking for someone to develop a Google Chrome Extension or a Mozilla Firefox Add On for you, you are in the right wrong place.

I hope you are really disappointed by now which is good as you should not expect anything good from me but if you are still reading this, get in touch contact with me so I’ll tell you in person what you actually are dealing with. I hope you are healthy enough to see the CONTACT button, no I think it is Contact and not CONTACT.

Products I have developed ruined 

You really are hell of a lazy person if you still are killing your time sitting with your mouth opened and eyes moving around the screen just for this.

Well, if you are really interested in my products, you shouldn’t be here in the first place. Even a blind person can see there is a button on top saying Products and Services