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December 30, 2016
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May 18, 2017


1.1.3: Turned on Pre-loading metadata. Videos will preload duration and thumbnail.

1.1.2: Fixed extension icon.

1.1.1: Turned off Pre-loading of videos to save bandwidth consumption.

Don’t you think the default Facebook Video Player is slow as poordeveloper?

So, I, the poor developer was so angry over it that I decided to make something new out of it.

The HTML5 Video Player for Facebook

This extension will automatically fetch all the videos on any Facebook page you are at, decode their encrypted URLs and convert them to HTML5 Video Player.

With new Video Player for Facebook, you’ll get amazing buffering speed along with the download option. You can download MP4 Videos just with 1 click and without any third party.

This video player will by default play SD Videos and if the HD Version is available, it’ll also support it.

Need another Feature or Product? Drop an email to Enjoy. 🙂


  1. Brian says:

    fix the chrome store extension need immediately can’t stand facebook pop up videos mad annoying of them

    • Hello Brian,

      I am very sorry you are facing this problem.
      Actually, Chrome Web Store guys took down my extension because of the use of Facebook’s logo and title.
      I have already removed it from the title and also from the icon but it is pending approval.

      Stay tuned, it’ll be back soon.

      If you have any other idea, kindly share it with me. 🙂

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