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May 18, 2017
November 19, 2017

Well, I have been using Social Media networks like Facebook and Twitter from ages. Even after so many years, I still have a confession that I can’t stop my time from being wasted. Once I log on to these social media networks, time starts flying and it becomes difficult to refuse the attractions.

I had no idea whether other people are facing the same issue or not. But once I discussed it with some of my colleagues and friends, I came to know that it is not only me having this problem.

So, let me compile the stuff which attracts and forces users to stay on..

some of the distractions on Facebook are

  1. Videos
  2. Images, GIF Images
  3. Sponsored Content
  4. Groups


For people who love watching videos, once they find a group or page of their interest, it is literally difficult to get them back to work. In my list, I am seriously addicted to People Are Awesome and FailArmy.

There is a specially designed browser extension for video addicts which actually converts the default Facebook player to HTML5 Video Player. It is available for both Google Chrome (HTML5 Video Player) and Mozilla Firefox (HTML5 Video Player for Facebook). Details for this extension can be viewed using this link.

The best thing about HTML5 Video Player is that it allows you to Download Facebook videos directly through Facebook. Hell Yeah! 😀


Same is the case with Images and specially GIF Images. Some of the pages which steal my time in this regard are GIF Planet and GIF Porn. Similarly, if you are a GIF geek and love sharing GIFs with your friends, Facebook GIF Downloader might be the best tool for you which allows downloading GIFs directly from Facebook just by clicking a button.


Sponsored Content is where Facebook seriously wants your eye. As Facebook learns your interests by the way you use it and browse content. Facebook always have an idea of what content you will love and though, it targets you by putting a trap.

How to block Sponsored Content from Facebook

If you don’t want Facebook to show you sponsored content in form of Ads, there is no actual way by Facebook to do this. Instead, another extension which I developed may become handy for you. Blocking sponsored content is what I believe the best way to increase one’s productivity.

Yes, My Newsfeed is available can be downloaded free of cost. It allows user to select stuff which he doesn’t want to see on his Newsfeed and anywhere on Facebook. Among the list of stuff, user can select Ads which will be blocked from user’s Facebook by the extension. You can easily block sponsored content and ads from your Facebook.

Also, if you want to remove all the videos, images or other stuff from your Facebook Feed and timeline, My Newsfeed is the best option for you. For details, click here.

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